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Participation to the Board meeting and question about my official engagement.[edit]

Hello board members,

Like you know I'm in India and that's from Nainarmanda Pam a suburban neighborhood of Pondicherry than I'm writing this message.

That's good to see Wikimedia Belgium growing and organize it self. This first Board meeting is a symbolic step.

With this message, I wan to know if we can organize my digital presence during this first board meeting ? To make it possible, we can use for example this Wikimedia etherpad where we can write the report during the meeting and chatting together, or if it's possible using the computer of board member with a free software like QuteCom or Skype if nothing else is available.

During this meeting, I would like to talk about my of line wikipedian activity| experience and also about a financial need to continue other activities, like a socio-anthropological research to help Wikipedia Zero project to understand better if and how the disadvantaged populations in India need an access to Wikipedia.

Also, as main contact of the Wikimedia Belgium strategy startup team, I think It can be good if I can participate to discussions about this subject.

In the end, if some one can also explain to me what is exactly my official title or function after sign the WMBE documents gift to the court registry ? That's just to know if I have some responsibilities or specific task to do and also to know how can I present myself in front of various interlocutors.

Thank a lot for keeping attention to this message. I will now inform all Wikimedia Belgium members about the existence of this message on the mailing list.

A nice day for every one.

Lionel Scheepmans Wiki ou eMail 06:50, 19 October 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Participation in the activities of Wikimedia Belgium[edit]

Hello everybody,

I am an Italian citizen and post-doctoral researcher living in Belgium since 5 years (first in Leuven as a PhD, then 3 years in Liège, from January 2014 in Antwerp, where I live with my wife). I speak good French (also at an academic level) and I am currently improving my Dutch. I am a member of Wikimedia Italia and co-founder of a non-profit association working in South Piemonte ( With weLand we have been running a local section of Wiki Loves Monuments since its first Italian edition in 2012 (Wiki Loves Asti) and from this year we are co-directing a regional section of the contest, Wiki Loves Piemonte. Since march 2014 we are running a didactic project called Wikipedia va a scuola @ Asti, through which we are teaching high-school teachers how to use Wikipedia and Wikivoyage as tools for participatory learning. Another project related to GLAM is currently under construction. With the Società Dante Alighieri of Antwerp I am planning a project by which Belgian students of Italian language will contribute to write Italian pages on Antwerpen and surroundings on Wikivoyage. To put it briefly, all what concerns innovation in participatory didactics, construction and share of culture, open data and interculturalism interests me a lot. I have browsed your webpage and I would be happy to collaborate to the development of the new Belgian chapter of Wikimedia. I was informed by Lionel Scheepmans about the meeting that will take place on Octber 26. Unfortunately I will be in Portugal those days, but I would like to ask you to keep me informed about news. I am at disposal for a meeting to discuss what we can do together. To start with, have a look at this link concerning an Italian association organizing cultural heritage meet-ups in Italy and abroad:Invasioni Digitali. We could think of organizing such events in various cities in Belgium next spring as a way to draw attention to the new chapter and get more collaborators and sponsors. And it's free. Thanks for your attention and hopefully à bientot / tot binnenkort!
--Ste.caneva (talk) 19:49, 19 October 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]