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Wiki Loves Heritage


The photo contest Wiki Loves Heritage Belgium runs at full speed this summer. You can take pictures of Belgian heritage, monuments, famous buildings or customs. Pictures can be uploaded until 31 October. You can also add digital metadata, via Structured Data on Commons (SDC). You can also use photos on Wikidata or Wikipedia. At the end of this year, 10 winners will be selected.

Museum of Cycling


The project will start on 1 October in order to document the Flemish cycle races on Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata and Wikipedia. It runs until 31 March 2023. The KOERS. Museum of Cycling wants to recruit a Wikimedian in Residence with a start date of 1 October 2022. More information about this offer.

Wikimedia Foundation Board elections


The Wikimedia Foundation is holding international board elections, where two candidates from affiliates can be elected. There are 6 candidates. Wikimedia volunteers with a minimum of edits are eligible to vote. Voting is open until 6 September.

OCLC Contact Day


Library staff is invited to the OCLC contact day on 4 October in Rotterdam.

Dutch writing contest


The Dutch-language Wikipedia is organising its annual writing contest until 31 October. The aim is to encourage volunteers to write good articles. Prizes are provided. The results will be announced in early 2023.

Wikimedia Europe


Wikimedia Europe will be a hub of national sections and thematic user groups with a link to Europe. By the end of 2022, 22 founding national associations and user groups will establish an international non-profit organisation with headquarters in Brussels. A board with 5 members has been appointed. The goal is to facilitate international cooperation between the (national) Wikimedia associations in Europe.

Wikimedia Belgium is one of the founding members and has a seat in the general assembly. The international association has only members who are legal entities. It is an extension of the current Wikimedia EU policy group, which works to ensure that European copyright law is properly implemented in relation to free knowledge.

It is complementary to WikiFranca, which is an international association headquartered in Switzerland that groups all French-speaking countries and user groups. Both new international associations are being formed in the framework of the Wikimedia Movement's Strategic Objectives 2030. This should lead to increased participation and cooperation.

Wikimedia convention in Paris


The French-language Wikimedia convention will take place in Paris on 19 and 20 November. On 17 and 18 November there will be the learning days, followed by the general assembly of WikiFranca.



Wikimedia Netherlands will hold another physical conference on 19 November. WikiconNL is aimed at organisations and interested people who are part of the Wikimedia movement, or who are active in the field of open knowledge, open culture or open data. Concretely we are thinking of: Wikimedians, researchers, Wikimedia users, employees of archives, libraries, museums, heritage institutions and those interested in open source applications.

Wikimedia Belgium helpdesk


Wikimedia Belgium has an online chat platform where you can ask questions or simply have a video conversation. You can share your screen, which allows you to solve problems very efficiently.

Appointment: every Tuesday evening from 19:00-21:00, or at other times when several volunteers connect... the platform allows for simultaneous separate conversations -- participants can divide themselves into groups on the virtual beach so that separate conversations can be held without disturbing each other... participants are free to join another group of their choice. This way, informal conversations are possible.

Wikimedia fundraising


Thank you for continuing to support Wikimedia financially! The Wikimedia Foundation held its annual fundraising for Belgium in July. The Foundation does not provide tax certificates and payment via Bancontact is not possible (only credit cards).

There is a more fiscally attractive alternative: support Wikimedia Belgium, with a 45% tax certificate for donations of at least 40€, via the Friends of Wikimedia Belgium Fund. Bancontact payments are perfectly possible via the simple and secure King Baudouin Foundation website. If you still have problems, please let us know. This way you support Wikimedia Belgium projects like the Museum of Cyclists.

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